Back Mountain Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning in its simplest form is the use, conservation and disposition of a person's property and wealth.

Throughout life, we work hard to create important relationships and acquire property. When it is time to make decisions regarding the future wellbeing of your loved ones and your property, you need a lawyer who you can trust to help you make the right decisions. Wilkes Barre Estate Planning Attorney Bernard Walter addresses your concerns with the same urgency, the same attention to detail, and the same care and responsibility that he would for his own, often even more. He is dedicated to serving good people in three states: Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada.

An estate plan has two primary goals: providing for you during your life, and providing for your loved ones after death. Your estate is the legal term for all of your property and personal possessions. An experienced Pennsylvania estate planning attorney can help you maximize wealth while minimizing tax consequences and assist you in transferring your property to your heirs or others in the way you want. The need for an estate plan is not derived from the value of your estate. Every American, regardless of wealth, needs a plan for the unforeseen contingencies in life and a plan for caring for loved ones when no longer personally able.

Attorney Bernard Walter understands the hard work that has gone into creating your estate and the importance of protecting your assets. Dedicated to helping you create the right plan for you and your family, he will do more than simply list your options. By listening carefully and questioning thoughtfully, he will create a custom estate plan that achieves your personal goals.

As we age, our goals change. Elder law is a specialized segment of legal services that focuses on the financial, medical, and personal needs of the senior population. Older Americans are faced with difficult decisions, and they need an attorney who understands their unique needs. Bernard Walter approaches elder issues with sensitivity and compassion. He devotes a large portion of his practice to the important legal needs of the elderly. His work includes planning, counseling, and advocating for seniors and their families.

When a family experiences the loss of a loved one, it is a very chaotic time. Wrapping up an estate can be complex and time consuming. The executor of an estate or successor trustee has been entrusted with a task of the highest importance: ensuring that the last wishes of a loved one are appropriately completed. When you are in the process of grieving, it can be difficult to focus on these obligations.

Bernard Walter can assist you in estate administration. He can be involved in as much or as little of the process as you need. He will inform you of your duties as an executor or successor trustee. He will guide you through the myriad of responsibilities. He will assist you in completing all necessary tasks as quickly and simply as possible.

Bernard Walter has spent his career devoted to clients, family, and community. In 1996, Bernard Walter founded the legal component of the “Free Back Mountain Medical/Legal Clinic,” where he assists low income people with legal problems. He was awarded the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation’s “Pro Bono Publico Certificate of Achievement.” Bernard Walter is listed in Martindale-Hubbell's Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers AV®, and a member of the exclusive “Million Dollar Advocates Forum.”

Retirement Planning Dallas

Longer life expectancy and the complexities of retirement means aging Americans need a thorough financial plan. A successful retirement plan utilizes various tax strategies, such as maximizing tax deferred investments, utilizing distribution alternatives, and planning for rollovers or conversions. Proper planning will help ensure that you live comfortably during retirement, without worrying that you will outlive your savings.

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